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at that time, it was defined as jaw crusher, which was primarily applied azurite, black copper, calamine, white lead, tungsten, china, wulfenite so

mineralogie uranovho zrudnn z lokality dlaov u klatov (esk

anilite, covellite, clausthalite, chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite and naumannite accompanied with wulfenite and supergene uranium minerals was identified using

trace elements in magnetic concentrates from stream sediments

the main ore minerals were cerrusite and cerargyrite with minor embolite, native silver, vanadinite and wulfenite and very sparse hypogene galena, pyrite,

mineralogical, textural, structural and geochemical aspects

sphalerite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite tennantite and acanthite occur secondary minerals are anglesite, plattnerite, wulfenite and malachite. the

elementary & hs in order

chalcocite, scheelite, magnetite, hematite, specular hematite, galena, pyrolusite, garnierite, sphalerite, chromite, stibnite, molybdenite, and tetrahedrite

novel collector composition for froth flotation

this invention relates to a novel composition which is useful as a collector for the recovery of nonferrous metal containing sulfide minerals and sulfidized

trithiocarbonates as depressants in ore flotation

bornite cu5 fes4 cubanite cu2 sfe4 s5 valerite cu2 fe4 s7 or cu3 fe4 s7 enargite cu3 (as,sb)s4 tetrahedrite cu3 sbs2 tennanite cu12 as4 s

ore flotation and di alkali metal di(carboxyalkyl)

otherwise the recovery process involves crushing of wulfenite pbmoo4 powellite ca(mo1 w)o4 tetrahedrite cu12 sb4 s13 tennanite cu12

flotation agent and process

(as, sb)s4 tetrahedrite cu3 sbs2 tennanite cu12 as4 s13 cuprite cu2 o tenorite cuo malachite cu2 (oh)2 co3 azurite cu3 (oh)2 co3 antlerite

flotation reagents

bornite cu5 fes4 cubanite cu2 sfe4 s5 valerite cu2 fe4 s7 or cu3 fe4 s7 enargite cu3 (as, sb)s4 tetrahedrite cu3 sbs2 tennamite cu12 as4

fluid mixing as the cause of sulphide precipitation at albrun

fig. 5 electron microprobe data for minerals of the tetrahedrite tennantite solid solution from the studied occurrences reveal an almost complete series of

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